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3/1 Short Pant: Elevate Your Performance with Versatile Comfort
Introducing the NASR 3/1 Short Pant, a collaborative creation with Bioracer tailored for those who demand maximum functionality without compromising on comfort. Specifically crafted for off-road cycling, these shorts are durable and constructed from fast-drying materials, earning their 3-in-1 designation:

Focus Points:
1. Bioracer Collaboration:
Created in collaboration with Bioracer, the NASR 3/1 Short Pant brings together the expertise of two brands to deliver unparalleled performance for cycling enthusiasts.

2. Versatile Design:
Embrace versatility in your outdoor activities. This pant serves three purposes seamlessly ideal for bike riding in combination with the 002 under pant, suitable for watersports, and perfect for a casual outfit.

3. Durable Construction:
Engineered for off-road cycling, these shorts boast durability to withstand the rigors of adventurous rides, ensuring they are your reliable companion on every cycling escapade.

4. Fast-Drying Material:
The shorts are crafted from fast-drying materials, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout your cycling journey by quickly wicking away moisture.

5. Fabric Composition:
Comprising 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane, the fabric blend strikes a balance between flexibility and resilience, enhancing your overall cycling experience.

Elevate your cycling performance with the NASR 3/1 Short Pant where functionality meets style, providing you with the perfect companion for a range of outdoor activities.

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