Located in Torbole, one of the key sports hubs in Trentino, the NASR HUB is a result of collaboration between Segnana Watersports and the Nasr team. This facility is situated on the beach of Torbole, at the shores of Lake Garda, in a magical place where two different worlds, water sports and cycling, come together.

#noroomfortourist here - Torbole is made for athletes, whether it's windsurfing on the lake or taking an enduro ride on the nearby mountains, performance is always the priority. We at Nasr understand this perfectly, and choosing this location as our base felt completely natural.

The NASR HUB serves as the perfect center to showcase what we are capable of. The space provided has become a showroom for high-tech apparel, and the HUB itself is used as a starting point for our tests. The creative direction has been captivated by this place, drawing inspiration and capturing every detail that athletes and the surroundings offer for the study of new products that we can't wait to show you.

In addition, the hub is available every day as a pickup point for orders made on, selecting TORBOLE as the pickup location.

We don't like to be alone, that's why you'll find us every weekend, ready to share our products with you and hear your valuable feedback. We look forward to seeing you.




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